The Stack


You can output the top of the stack to stdout by using o.

"Hello, World!"o

Pops "Hello, World!" off the stack and outputs it


You can push strings to the stack by using "".

"Hello World!"

The stack now contains "Hello World!"


Characters are really stored as Strings on the stack, but they are a quick way to save a byte when golfing.


*Outputs i"


Numbers are stored as doubles on the stack. You can just put the number you want to push it to the stack.


5 is pushed to the stack

You can't do double-digit numbers, though!


Pushes two 5s to the stack

You can use A-Z as numbers, since numbers are parsed in Base 36.


Stack Contents:

  • 8
  • 35
  • 5

Stack manipulation

You can manipulate the stack in a variety of ways. Here's a list of the most common operators:

  • ;: pop the top of the stack and discard it
  • \: swap the top two values
  • @: put the third value of the stack on top
  • r: reverse the stack
  • l: push the length of the stack
  • o: pop the top of the stack and output it
  • i: get input and push it as a string
  • j: get input and push it as a base 10 number